You better feed it...
Feed the Tiger is a healthy food inspiration blog. I will post pictures of food I make and post recipe's for if you want to try something out yourself. All pictures on this blog are made by me (unless stated otherwise). You should always have a link-back to feedthetiger if you reblog any pictures!

→ May 2011 This is a picture of the elderflowersirup I bought on the sowing festival. I really love how those tiny flowers float through it.
→ May 2011 Baked sweet potatoes with garlic and rosemary
→ May 2011 Roquette-strawberry salad with pecorrino and balsamic vinegar
→ May 2011

Hi! You are now reading the first post ever on my new blog: FEED THE TIGER!!!! If You like tigers this will be a small dissapointment: on this blog you won’t find any tigers (except for the profile pic) but pictures and recipes of healthy food! Not so very long ago I decided to start eating healthy. I already was really into making food, so making healthy, good looking and tasty food was some kind of a new challenge. I’m always searching for new recipes to try out and sometimes I just like to improvise. So if you wanted to start eating healthy, or you just want some food inspiration, keep up with Feed the Tiger!